It Didnt Start Today

Today is the day I began to write about my life on the farm. Not just any farm, mind you, but Candybar Farm. I am talking about the little farm in the holler owned by my partner Candace and me. My name is Barb, and for as long as I can remember, I have loved being out in the country, and now I live in the most beautiful place, surrounded by trees and wild things. Slowly, we have been working toward making the land useful.

When we bought the land in 2005, it was all woods and briar’s with a strip of gravel leading to where the house would sit. We loved it right away, and after a speedy negotiation it was ours. It took another year to get our house in and ready for us but it was worth the wait. We rented a house just down the hill so we were able to walk up to our land at any time and dream of the day when we would move in.

We had plans, lots of plans and we still do. We have come a long way and we still have far to go, but that is just fine. We are in no hurry because we are here to stay. We put down roots, the same way the roots spread and held on when we planted the trees and flowers that have made this place ours, but more about that later. Much more.

Candace and Barb in 2005 before moving in.

For now, I am thinking about the stories I will tell, and all the time that has passed since we carried the first box up the steps and into the house. It makes me happy, but it didn’t start today. It started years and years ago, when I was a small child running around with my parents who took me everywhere. They were people who loved the country as well, and instilled in me early on the importance of good soil, being a good neighbor, and good New York Cheddar cheese. We covered miles and miles in the car and I remember standing between them on the long bench seat as we hurtled down highways and byways. I remember my hands on each of their shoulders and still remember the thrill of dad turning off the road to stop at some new place; an auction, a park or a place to fish. All these things I remember. All these things are why I write. All these things are why its good to live in the country.


About voyrrr

I live in the beautiful mountains of western North Carolina and am inspired by the things I see every day.

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  1. I'm thinking that moving to the country come the end of this lease is an AWESOME idea! I can't wait to read your stories. But PLEASE tell the story about the night you guys were clipping chicken wings and Beanie tried to hang herself and all I had on was a nightie and no drawers! Everyone could use a good laugh, and that sure is a GOOD one!!! Luv ya!

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