Monthly Archives: August 2013

A Triumphant Return?

It has been some time since I last added a page to a blog. In fact, I moved my blog from a different blogging place to this one because I could never figure out how to use the other one. It would constantly sign me out and finally I just gave up. I hope it will be easier to find my way around WordPress. I can tell you that since moving my old posts over on February 8, 2012, it has taken this long just to choose a “theme”. That is not a bad thing. Choice is good and I have looked at and considered every one, considering and musing over the pros and cons, the colors, the inner workings (the crap I don’t understand) and so on. A blog can be so many things… FOR so many things. I now have a list of future blogs to do. Rather than post to this blog, I made a list of potential future blogs.

I sometimes get distracted. No. Wait. I often get distracted and I think there is even a blog post of mine about that very thing. As I get older I notice that my multitasking, quick thinking, list checking days are fewer and far between. Just remembering the list is a victory, as is finding the list… and, well, making a list. As an example, when I clicked and brought my blog up on the computer, I had in mind to make a post about Spring and the changes in the woods and the amazing bright orange salamander I found. But no. That is going to have to wait for some reason. Instead I am blogging about not blogging and while I am mildly amused by this I am also frustrated. Entire days can go bumping by and I sometimes find myself in the office when I was heading for the refrigerator. Sometimes it feels as though I just blink once and the day is gone… again. I feel like I just don’t have any days to waste and they are going by faster than I can keep track. How does one slow time? I do not have any answers. I think I will just stop for now since it is late and staying up all night trying to write will only lead to another day of fog.

So now it is August. See that’s what happens and the distractions have been many but so be it. I was drawn back to my blog because I read a different blog, and I had in mind to comment, but had to sign in first to WordPress in order to do so. Well, I had to find my password, and once signed in, I couldn’t seem to remember the exact name of the blog in question… or so WordPress told me, in bold letters on a bright red background. That led me here, to find an unfinished thought from many months ago.

Here is a new thought. I am simply going to post it and not worry about it. The sun is out… a rare and beautiful thing over the course of this year… and I am going outside to rearrange hostas. A new garden is underway and it will be a grand surprise to Candace if I make progress today. So I will, and that is all.


A new garden