About The Author

My name is Barbara and I find that as I begin this blurb about myself that I am not sure what to write. I guess I will just jot down what comes to mind and see what happens.

I have always been creative. We moved alot when I was young and I remember drawing on the cardboard moving boxes, both inside and out.  I always had plenty of things to draw on and with. It was just part of who I was,(and still am) and I am sure that if it were possible that I would have been born with a pencil or brush in my hand. This has  continued through my life and I attended college for Fine Art where I discovered that making a living as an artist was for those far more talented than I.

Somewhere along the way, I began to write. Silly kid poems at first, then stories, and combining the art and words seemed natural although I seldom put the two together. I still write and I decided somewhat recently that it might be fun to have a blog where all the random thoughts, ideas and rants could live. I don’t know what direction my blog will take but I suppose it will take some sort of shape as I go along.

The first few entries from 2010 have been transferred from where I first began to blog. This new chapter begins now, in February of 2012, and I hope to be more attentive the the project this time. I find that time becomes more important as I get older. I was born in 1959 and while I am not old, I sure feel that way some days. I have been disabled for several years now and I spend much of my time in my mountain home in North Carolina. My world has become smaller, more limited, but I have so much to be thankful for, so don’t think much about the disability. Everything happens for a reason. Maybe that is what I will write about. I guess we will find out together.


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